1. Fri Jun 07 2024

    Google and Microsoft's use of AI is not currently in users' interests

  2. Thu Apr 25 2024

    Installing Arch on my old laptop

  3. Mon Feb 26 2024

    Moving to Manjaro Linux

  4. Thu Jun 15 2023

    Lemmy is a federated discussion forum

  5. Wed Jun 23 2021

    Optimizing the UI responsiveness of Angular applications slowed down by unnecessary component change detection

  6. Sat Apr 03 2021

    MySQL's ST_Distance_Sphere function is used to calculate distances between points on a sphere. Unfortunately, it's missing from MariaDB, but it's relatively easy to implement as a stored function

  7. Wed Mar 24 2021

    Android recently pushed a faulty update to the WebView component, which broke a surprising number of popular apps that you might expect to be native